Certitude of Design in Electronics
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We understand that “one” size, “one” type, “one” way, “one” method or “one” application is not for “everyone”. Products are for “everyone”, Solutions are for the “one” who sees his/her systems in a certain way.

Our expertise and design engineering along with our production capabilities allows us to create entirely new products tailored to your needs.

Our two decades of experience with a comprehensive knowledge in Microcontrollers, Data Acquisition, Power Electronics

along with a close quarter understanding of various segments in the industry such as Mechanical systems like Impact Tester, Friction Measurements, Water Level Controllers, Opacity measurement, Concrete Batching Plants et al. Measurement systems like Conductivity Meters with Data Loggers for Pharmaceutical sector &Vertical Mobility solutions, you can stay assured that the solution in embedded systems you are seeking will be available with us.

We have done it all and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our core competency is indeed, in providing custom designed embedded systems solutions at a price that suits your budget. We bridge the large gap between the general purposes, horizontally oriented, broad market technologies supplied by vendors with the specialized, vertically oriented, custom solutions developed to automate proprietary business processes. Our quick understanding of electronic systems underneath that will suffice the industrial process to be automated

Send a mail with your requirement at: manager@gopranindustries.com or ceo@gopranindustries.com